School Song

On November 4, 2002, our school celebrated its 40th Anniversary. Students, faculty, staff, parents, and invited guests gathered in the gym for a special Birthday Party. One highlight of the party was the debut of our new school song; "This is Our School." Our chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Heidi Glover, sang the first rendition of the song. Everyone joined in to sing it once again at the end of the party.

The song was written and put to melody by local recording artist Mr. Roy Hurd. However, all of the thoughts and words come from our children. Each class "brainstormed" to create a list of ideas concerning what Morrisonville means to them. Mr. Hurd organized these ideas and put them to music.

We truly love our song and feel very happy and proud that our children feel the way they do about Morrisonville School.

MP3 recording of school song

"This is Our School"
Come Walk These Halls
Come Listen In
You'll Hear the Echoes of Laughter
And See Where the Learning Begins
You'll feel the Love
From Teachers Who Care
They Give Us Positive Guidance
They're Gentle, Respectful, and Fair.

This is Our School
Our Second Home
We are Family Here, No One Stands Alone
From Here We'll fly
Like Eagles Do
Strong We Will Take to the Sky Clear and Blue
Confident Knowing There's Nothing We Can't Do
This is Our School.
They Open Our Hearts
And Challenge Our Minds
We're Taught to Search for the Answer
And truth is the Treasure We Find
We are Like Seeds
In This Garden We Grow
We'll Carry this Safe Peaceful Place
With Us Wherever We Go.
Go to Chorus>>>>>>Sing Twice
Come Walk These Halls
Come Listen in
This is Our School
Morrisonville School.